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simplesta® SH stainless steel pipe system

Performance guarantee

We keep to our word!

Our company – Esta Rohr GmbH – has been producing steel and stainless steel pipes in its factories for years. We also offer our customers stainless steel pipe systems with perfectly coordinated coupling technology. As a German pipe manufacturer we have made a commitment to offering products of the highest quality.

The simplesta® SH stainless steel pipe system builds on the unrivalled ferritic material, 1.4520. This coupled with product development based on Esta Rohr's 40 years of experience brings to you pipe systems with a bright future.

Something we and our satisfied customers have already known for a long time is underpinned scientifically on an ongoing basis and under extreme conditions. For example, in addition to in-plant testing of the pipe and the complete system, various independent institutes and government agencies have also put them to the test.

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The MPA NRW Quality Label

We were and still are the first manufacturer to have a cost-effective, complete stainless steel system for industrial and heating installations.

The MPA NRW has recognised the new standard with the Quality Label. simplesta® SH earned the certification by successfully passing an extensive programme of testing at the MPA NRW.

In addition, a new certification programme has defined which demanding production requirements a reliable stainless steel pipe system for heating installations and cooling circuits must meet.

More on the Quality Label
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Proof of suitability by the
IWW Water Centre

Stainless steels have been used in drinking water and domestic installations for many years. A long-term study commissioned at the Mülheim an der Ruhr-based IWW Water Centre proves for the first time that the stainless steel material (1.4520) is suitable for sustained use in closed water circuits. The pipe and the system deliver what they promise – including for water with the maximum permitted corrosiveness according to Germany's regulation on drinking water and the guidelines for the quality of water in hot-water heating systems (VDI 2035).

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Warranty agreement by the ZVSHK

The liability assumption agreement concluded with the German Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association (ZVSHK) offers installers substantial safeguards in the event of damage. Even though such a case has never happened before, this means that liability claims can be settled directly with us, the manufacturer, without detours if you ever have to make a claim.

Other quality characteristics

Perfectly coordinated coupling technology

Built to last, we offer a reliable and perfectly coordinated complete system for heating, industry and closed water circuits in the shape of our simplesta® stainless steel system pipes and simplesta® stainless steel system press fittings.

Unlimited installation options

The complete simplesta® stainless steel pipe system is available in the dimensions 15-108 mm (OD). A variety of different moulded parts enables us to offer unlimited installation options. Our pipes are easy to process thanks to commonly known and stable wall thicknesses. Standard bending tools can be used to insert bends.

Maximum reliability

With the 'M' profile crimped joint we depend on a proven standard. The simplesta® system pressing tool is used to produce pipe couplings safely, easily, and quickly. The black press indicator at the end of the fittings makes the installation even safer. The press indicator will only drop off when the pipe's crimped joint is secure.

Pipes welded and annealed by laser

Thanks to laser welding, the pipe has a narrow weld seam and no coarse grain growth – the seam is as strong as the material itself. Due to annealing, less effort is needed when bending, the weld seam is uniform and you have greater expansion reserves.

Excellent thermal expansion coefficient

(only 10.8 x 10^-6 at between 20 °C and 200 °C)

The pipe has hardly any thermal expansion, meaning only low stresses arise during installation.

Material stabilised with titanium

(maximum carbon content: 0.025%)

The system has complete intergranular corrosion resistance.

Resistant to stress corrosion cracking

In particular, high temperatures and stresses can facilitate stress corrosion cracking.
So, it's a good thing that our materials are insensitive.

Stable quality

thanks to internal and external quality controls

Alongside field testing and studies, metallography, eddy current testing, corrosion tests, tensile tests, bending tests and widening tests are just some of the many measures taken to ensure maximum reliability.

Interested in simplesta® pipe systems ? More information is available here. Download information material