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The new standard

for industrial and heating installations.

Unlike conventional supply systems, our SH stainless steel pipe system consists of stainless steel. You will benefit from the enduring, outstanding quality and easy handling at unbeatable value for money now and for decades to come – a revolutionary promise.

The simplesta®SH stainless steel pipe system consciously centres on the material 1.4520. This is a ferritic material that has already been tried and tested in a multitude of different areas for more than 40 years. Far higher costing certainty than other materials like copper and extremely high corrosion resistance, which eclipses carbon steel, give the relationship between price and benefit an entirely new meaning.

The pipe – material: 1.4520

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We have harmonised outstanding quality,
and economic efficiency.

The simplesta®SH stainless steel pipe system consists of three components. The first component is the simplesta®SH system pipe. This is a laser-welded, ferritic stainless steel pipe. It is produced using the material 1.4520 – something the simplesta®SH stainless steel pipe system stands for. Only since the material 1.4520 was developed has it been possible to use stainless steel in heating and industrial installations economically. A long-term study commissioned by the IWW Water Centre confirms the material's suitability for sustained use in closed water circuits.

The pipes are produced and tested in line with the latest DIN EN standards. In-house quality control that exceeds the standards required complete our 'Made in Germany' production profile. A second black line on the simplesta® SH system pipe makes it easy to differentiate from other stainless steel piping during day-to-day installation.

The piping is available in the sizes 15 to 108 mm.


Delivery programme and installation

Fittings and pressing technology

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The best pipe deserves

the best coupling.

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The second component in the simplesta®SH stainless steel pipe system is the simplesta®SH system press fitting – a secure coupling that enables the use of the simplesta® stainless steel pipe system in numerous areas of application.

The black press indicator at the end of the fittings makes your installation even more reliable. It is a simple means of visual control for the installation engineer. The press indicator will only drop off if the pipe's pressed coupling is secure.

Perfectly coordinated coupling technology

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The simplesta®SH stainless steel pipe system's third component, the simplesta®system pressing tool,, is used to produce pipe couplings safely, easily, and quickly.

The 'M' profile pipe coupling has been a technical and economic advancement to conventional joining techniques, such as soldering, welding or screwing, for more than 50 years.



From practical experience for practical use.

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Numerous different fittings like sleeves, threaded joints, elbows, transition pieces, angles, and t-pieces in the dimensions 15-108 mm OD enable us to give you an unlimited array of installation options.

Multifaceted use

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Unlimited options.

Simplesta Möglichkeiten

Heating, compressed air, solar systems,
cooling and refrigeration circuits, closed
water circuits of any kind, and much more.

Whether it's a private heating installation or the implementation of an industrial system, the simplesta®SH stainless steel pipe system is always the best choice!

See our technical documentation (delivery programme and installation) for all the other applications and facts. Free of charge by mail or in electronic form here

It's worth it

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Rely on the future!

Final users

What type of energy should be used? Gas, oil, wood or even solar technology? What type of heating technology is advantageous, fit for purpose, easy to use, and environmentally friendly? These are questions that play a critical role in your construction or modernisation plans. The choice of the optimum installation technology is another key question – to give you the wonderful feeling of using thermal comfort safely and economically. There's one answer to this question: The simplesta®SH stainless steel pipe system. Rely on pipe systems with a bright future.

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Specialist wholesalers

The simplesta®SH stainless steel pipe system complements your installation technology programme by a range fit for the future. We can provide you with a unique stainless steel pipe system that has unbeatable selling points for your customers. And in addition to complementing your sales programme, you complement your advisory skills in respect of safe and economic installation technology at the same time! The many applications in building technology and industry put you on a broad footing when it comes to the needs of your customers.


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Professional installers

As a professional installer, you enjoy a special level of trust from your customers. The simplesta®SH stainless steel pipe system is the perfect way to reward them for believing in you. Its unique combination of benefits means that our product can be offered as an end-to-end, carefree installation. We provide you and your customers with a reliable and economic costing basis. Whether it's heating installations or industrial systems, your customers can count on you. And you can count on us!


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It's time for 'Plan A'! The simplesta®SH stainless steel pipe system enables reliable and responsible planning for heating installations and industrial systems. The typical benefits of stainless steel combined with an entirely new notion of value for money allow you to plan your installation economically for enduring projects.


Interested in simplesta® pipe systems ? More information is available here. Download information material