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Your direct line to simplesta®

+49 (0) 271/6909 0

Stefan Müller

Executive Director

Sven Pitzer

Technical Director/Authorised Signatory

Jörg Dietrich

Production Management

Dirk Hellmann

Sales Management

Ulrich Jürgens

Product Manager Pipe Systems

Kristin Doutheil-Nauroth M.A.

Head of Central Corporate Communication

Anja Pitzer

Andreas Faßbender

Micha Hünerbein

Philipp Alexander Grebe

Central Object Management Pipe Systems

Doris Hellmann

Purchasing and Work Planning

Manuel Flick

Purchasing and Work Planning

Sarah Lumen

Purchasing and Work Planning

Dennis Traut

Quality Management

Robert Gyurcsi

Shipping management

Aleksander Gergert

Head of Logistics

Egon Quente

Maintenance Manager

Ulrich Schönling

Training Management

André Winter

Application Engineer Pipe Systems

Thomas Röcher

Area Manager Pipe Systems

Dennis Röcher

Sales Representative Pipe Systems

Thomas Maier

Commercial Agency INTEGA
Applications Engineer
Pipe Systems

Robert Spanier

Commercial Agency INTEGA
Applications Engineer
Pipe Systems

Rita Fischer

Commercial Agency INTEGA
Property Tracking
Pipe Systems

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